Final Standings of the 38th ISA World Championship 2019 Vienna, Austria

38th ISA World Championship 2019 Vienna, Austria Final Standings Women Place Name Nation 1 Fluck, Fabienne GER 2 Stuart, Deborah USA 3 Hildebrand, Eileen CAN 4 Takada, Sachiyo JPN 5 Seybold, Thanh USA 6 Flatland, Anne-Lise NOR 7 Gjelseth, Kristin NOR 8 Brodie, Collette CAN 9 Schwarten, Ina GER 10 Hoffmanns, Irene GER 11 Klem, Carol CAN 12 Lenert, Petra GER 13 Sekine, Reiko JPN 14 Grant, Kathlynn USA 15 Matsuo, Reiko JPN 16 Engell, Ann CAN 17 Swain, Stephanie USA 17 Yokosawa, Noriko JPN 17 Hansson, Ellen NOR 17 Hiromoto, Kazuko JPN 17 Hanke, Doris USA 17 DiMaggio, Michelle [...]

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40th ISA World Championship in Texas, USA

On behalf of the International Shuffleboard Association I’m happy and pleased to announce that the 40th ISA World Championship will be held in San Benito, Texas, USA. Date October 16 - 23, 2021 at the Fun ‘n Sun RV Resort. Congratulations to the USA National Shuffleboard Association and President Rich Phifer for presenting their proposal to the ISA to host this championship. Congratulations to Ann & Evan Engell who will be the chairpeople for the 40th ISA World Championship. Myrna Bilton International Shuffleboard Association Inc President

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ISA Hall of Fame “Player Award”

According to the ISA Constitution at least two of the following requirements have to be met to be nominated for the ISA Hall of Fame “Player Award”: 1.       Player must have competed in at least three ISA World Championships. 2.       Player must have won the World Singles Championship. 3.       Player must have a perfect record in an ISA World Championship. 4.       Player must have accumulated a minimum of 75 points in ISA events (1 point is awarded for every win, 0.5 points for a tie in an ISA event). Download: Hall of Fame Points Excel Sheet (Last update: 2022/09) [...]

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Watch the 2019 World Shuffleboard Championship Finals!

The 2019 World Shuffleboard Championship Finals is going to be live streamed! The final matches are on Friday (November 1st). Click the link below to see when it will be showing in your time zone and then return to watch the action!

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