ISA Announces New Hall Of Fame Class

On behalf of the International Shuffleboard Association, it gives me great pleasure to announce that two gentlemen will be inducted into the ISA HOF. They are: Kazunari Hatanaka, past president of the Japan National Shuffleboard Association and Jim Corbeil, president of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association. Both men are most deserving of this prestigious award at the [...]


            ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION 2020-05-19 ARTICLE I – NAME The Association shall be known as “INTERNATIONAL SHUFFLEBOARD ASSOCIATION, Inc.”, hereafter known as the “ISA”.   ARTICLE II - OFFICIAL LOCATION The address of the ISA is consistent with the address registered with the Florida Department of State – Division of Corporations, document #749128 on [...]

Hall of Fame Inductees

As of: September 2022 1993 Hikotaro Takawa * Japan † 1993 Yoshio Kosai * Japan † 1993 Howard Hawkins * USA † 1993 William R. Johnstone * CANADA † 1993 Don Kleckner * USA 1993 Russ Jacobsen * USA † 1993 Elmo Meredith * USA 1993 Ernie Webb * USA 1993 Hisashi Sogabe * Japan † 1994 Vince [...]

Annual meeting minutes

2023 Hall of Fame Report National Report Brazil National Report Canada National Report Germany National Report Japan National Report United States Website Report   2022 Hall of Fame Report National Report Australia National Report Austria [...]

Worldcup History Statistics

Total wins         CAN 32.5       USA 23.5       JPN 2                 Team         Men     Ladies   CAN 15.5   CAN 17 USA 12.5   USA 10       JPN 1         [...]

Presidents of the ISA

1979 - 1981 William Johnstone  (CAN) 1982 - 1985 Ernest Webb  (USA) 1986 - 1987 Russell Jacobsen (USA) 1988 - 1991 Donald Kleckner   (USA) 1992 - 1993 William Johnstone  (CAN) 1993 - 1994 Don Kleckner (USA) 1994 - 1995 Olin (Bud) Walrath  (USA) 1996 - 2000 John Barnett  (USA) 2000 - 2004 Richard (Buck) Buchanan  [...]

ISA Tournament History

Year Location Mode Winner Men Winner Women 2nd Men 2nd Women 3rd Men 3rd Women 1981 Muskegon, Michigan, USA Team   (Tie)         1982 Laguna Hills, California ,USA Team         1983 St Petersburg, Florida, USA Team         1984 Mesa, Arizona, USA Team         [...]

Board Officers Year 2022

  ISA President: Myrna Bilton (CANADA)   mail Myrna ISA Past President: Michael Zellner (USA)   mail Michael ISA Historian/Hall of Fame Curator: Kathy Brennan (USA)   mail Kathy ISA Treasurer: Beth Allen (USA)   mail Beth ISA Secretary: Evelyn Rosetti (USA)   mail Evelyn ASA President: Nancye Skinner (AUSTRALIA)   mail Nancy CNSA President: Norman Lindsay [...]

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