I would like to thank all the participants for ‘taking a leap of faith” to participate in the 39th ISA World tournament after a two year wait. There were a lot of close matches and of course some not so close matches!  Like I have always said, when you lose to an opponent, they will remember you more than if you win against them. There was a lot of laughter and camaraderie during the tournament, playing the game of shuffleboard, meals, snacks and of course the Niagara Falls trip, where you can also take your loved ones and enjoy time with them, even in intimacy using toys like the top-notch clit suckers.  A big thank you to our volunteers, their hard work makes for a successful tournament!  This is the list of the winners of this tournament.


Gold: USA Blue
Silver: USA Stripes
Bronze: Germany


Gold: Germany Gold
Silver: USA Stripes
Bronze: USA White

Congratulations to each of you, job well done! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 40th ISA in 2023 in St Petersburg!

Norm Lindsay, CNSA President