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Official Playing Rules




Selection of Teams and or Players shall be in accordance with the ISA Constitution following By-Law’s Article II (Application for membership), Article IX (Team Size) and X (Eligibility and Rules for United Nations Team).  


The Host Nation and the ISA President shall jointly decide on the appointment of the Tournament Director (TD).  The joint decision will be announced by the ISA President.  


Current National teams will normally have six (6) men or six (6) women. No more than Four (4) of the six (6) will normally play at any given time while normally two (2) will sit out.   


1. No charting is permitted during International Shuffling.  Specifically, no player may refer to drawings or any similar device designed to assist in executing the shot after the game has started. 

2. The game shall be “NON WALKING SINGLES" with two opposing players at each end of the court.

3. A game shall consist of 16 frames, 8 on each colour.  Players change colour at the end of 8 frames.     

4. At the beginning of each game, two (2) discs may be shot by each player to check speed. Four (4) setup disks are allowed for each player.  The shooter may ask the team member at the other end to place his/her cue in the desired location for the first shot and thereafter, the team member may position the shooter’s discs as targets.

5. After changing colour at the end of eight (8) frames, four (4) setup discs may be shot by each player on their new colour. The shooter may ask the team member at the other end to place his/her cue in the desired location for the first shot and thereafter, the team member may position the shooter’s discs as targets.


•    1st Call:   Shall be made by the team member playing black.  
•    2nd Call:  The team member playing yellow, on that same end, may then get up and look at the disc in question and only if the 2 caller disagrees, then a third and final call will take place.  
•    3rd Call:  Done by the TD or the person designated by the TD and this call is Final !!  
NOTE:  As the ISA event is a Team Competition, there is neither need nor right for the Shooter to travel the length of the court to examine the disc.

7.  If a disc is moved by the players at the other end, by mistake during play, it will be placed back in its former position, as close as possible.  If multiple discs have been moved and it’s difficult to get them back in their proper locations, then the frame will be re-played.    

8.  The TD will bring any rule infractions to the attention of the Team Captain or his/her designated representative who will assist in counselling the player (s).

9.  No scores shall be recorded and the round/game is not over until the absolute last disc has been shot and comes to a complete stop.


All court and colour assignments are the responsibility of the TD.


The courts shall be dressed and beaded by the Host using their "CUSTOMARY METHOD."   If they customarily use the "SPRINKLING" method to apply dressing to the court during the course of the game, they may use that method. This must be specified in advance.


1.    If any scheduled player is not present for their First Game, after the TD calls for play to commence, an alternative qualified person from that nation may be assigned to play on that team by their Team Captain and the player so assigned, becomes the regular player for the duration of the Tournament.  The TD shall be so notified, document the name change and notify all Team Captains.

2.    If an emergency arises and a player becomes incapacitated and unable to begin play in any round, the Team Captain may substitute a non-playing member with a World Ranking no higher than that of the incapacitated player in order to prevent a forfeit.  If this is not possible, the substitution must be approved by a majority of the Team Captains present. The TD shall be immediately advised of any player substitution to allow him/her ample time to advise all Team Captains and take the vote.

3.    Incapacitated players, who recover, may return as a team player in a future round after the TD has been advised and the substituted player will be removed.  

4.    Substitutions are not permitted, for any reason, after a game has begun and if any player becomes unable to finish a game, he/she forfeits that game.



As a participant of this ISA event, I hereby agree with the following provisions:
1.  I will abide by all of the Official ISA Playing Rules.

2.  I will exhibit Good Sportsmanship, both on and off the court.

3.  I will do my very best, to foster Goodwill and Harmony among nations participating in this event and to promote the game of Shuffleboard.

4.  I will treat the elected and appointed ISA officers, championship officials and, Host as well as all volunteers dedicating their time and efforts to make this event a success, with the utmost dignity and respect.

Infringements of any of the above provisions will result in the formation of a General Forum, consisting of the ISA President and all Board Members present, to deal expeditiously with the alleged violation.  Should the Forum find a serious violation, disciplinary action may be taken, up to and including expulsion of the perpetrator.  Should the Forum find expulsion is required, they have the authority and responsibility to decide how to credit the remaining games as well as any games that may have been won or lost as a direct result of the infringement.    


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