This website has a lot to do with promotion of Shuffleboard. The most effective means however is TV. In order to raise interest from TV producers you need something or someone special. It looks like we are on a good way: please see the TV coverage below, starring Earl Ball, not only one of the best players ever, but also our current ISA President.
Michael Zellner, the incoming ISA President has the following to say:


"Earl Ball is and has been, since 1997, one of the leaders in this sport who motivates and demonstrates by example, what retirees should be doing and are capable of doing with their new found free time. The mental and physical activity involved in this game is what keeps seniors healthy and prepared to take on those of much younger ages. Earl has taken on and defeated the best of the best in the United States as well as many of the Top International Players.
As ISA President for the past 2 years he has done his utmost in the International scene to motivate others to take up the exciting game of Shuffleboard."

This video also marks the start of a new series on our pages. It will be called "Shuffler of the week" and will offer information about Shufflers worldwide, being special people that deserve to be introduced to the worldwide commuity. There are so many out there that help Shuffleboard to grow, be it by teaching newcomers, by cleaning and beading the courts or be it just by playing regularly. So stay tuned, one of these days you might find your name mentioned here.