This site is designed to meet the needs of the Shufflers wordlwide. How can we find out what these needs really are? Well, only if we receive feedback from those who visit our pages.
In this regard we have made the first step: Glenn Monroe from Lakeland, Florida was the first one who passed a message in which he asked us to simplify the process of getting access to all details of the World Shuffleboard League (WSL). He received several questions from US and Canadian players asking for easing of access to our pages. Here we are: from today on the access to the WSL does not require a sign-in anymore, it is free to all visitors. You may now look up the details about all the players, teams and standings.
This is how it should work. You tell us what you would like to have and we will try our best to accommodate you. Let us know what you think and send us a message.

Bob’s Postings

Bob Weber, CSC FloridaOn another note we are excited to improve our “News” section by an additional feature. Many of you know and love the emails, produced and distributed by Clearwater Pro Bob Weber. He writes articles, takes pictures, presents events and people and offers his musings about Shuffleboard related issues. We are delighted that Bob, who is a registered member on this place, agreed to share his views on the ISA site. We will begin to publish his distributions, sent in pdf format, as a link to click on in the “News” menu.
So stay tuned for this new feature.