Austria Host nation 2019

ISA President Myrna Bilton and Marius Runge presenting the Austrian flag. Austria was selected to host the ISA World Championship 2019.

The ISA Board voted unanimously to award the World Championship 2019 to Vienna, Austria.

ISA President Myrna Bilton sent a message to the President of the Austrian Shuffleboard Association, Peter Krappel, to notify him of this success:







Dear Peter

I am pleased to announce that the ISA voting members approved the proposal from the Austrian Shuffleboard Association to host the ISA World Championship in 2019.



Best regards

Myrna Bilton

ISA President


Only a few hours later the Austrian Shuffleboard President responded:

Dear Mrs President!


This is very good news. We are honoured by your descision and will start

working within the next days to make this world championship 2019 a very

special event.

Best wishes from sunny Vienna,

Peter Krappel