Members of the World Shuffleboard Community.
A lot has been happening in the past few months and I would like to bring you up to date.
First and foremost Norwegian President Hallvard seems to be on the mends slowly.
His family and the entire Norwegian Shuffleboard Association as well as a fantastic medical staff are giving him all the necessary support and encouragment.  I ask that members of the ISA continue to keep Hallvard and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

The Norwegian Shuffleboard Inaugural, envisioned by Hallvard, is a reality and on 25 June 2013 the ISA, under the Direction of Publicity and Promotions Chairman Jim Allen and accompánied by myself  is sending a Delegation of 36 of our finest statesmen to participate in the Norwegian Shuffleboard Inaugural. Vice President Mats Graff-Wang has taken command in Hallvards absence and has been actively involved in setting up what should be a fabulous and memorable event of shuffleboard and tourism in Norway.
At the conclusion of the Norway Inaugural I will be heading over to Moscow, Russia at the request of Igor Eckert/ President of the Russian Shuffleboard Association (RSA) to speak with government officials about our International Association and Shuffleboard as a sport for the handicapped, aging and as a form of physical and occupational therapy. I will also preside over a tournament in Sochi for the handicapped.
I look forward to bringing the RSA into the ISA in the very near future.

I am also proud to announce that the nations of India under President Prof. Yogendra Shivajirao Patil, and Nepal under President Pratap Ghising have officially set up Shuffleboard Associations and both have confirmed their presence with Delegations in St. Petersburg, Florida to participate in the 32nd ISA World Shuffleboard Championship and request induction as new members into the ISA.

And finally the 32nd ISA World Championship is in the advanced stages of planning. The Operations Committee under Beth Allen reporst all is on schedule. The host club has been preparing the 40 courts that we will need and upgrading their facilities at an accellerated rate. Tournament Director, Glenn Monroe, is busy setting up the palying schedule and Jim Allen/ Publicity and Promotions Chairman has been actively involved with relations between the Host, City officials, Local community and Media readying them for our presence. ISA Media Chairman Stan McCormack has been bombarding all of us with blogs and updates regarding the event and the 100 Years Celebration.
This record setting "32nd World Championship" will have 15 Nations represented and 152 champions from around the world competing over 5 days with unparelled news and media coverage for the world to see and will be the Grand Finale of the FSA & USANSA 100 Years of Shuffleboard Celebration.
United we stand and conquer, divided we fall.

Your President,
Prof. Michael Robert Zellner