Members of the World Shuffleboard Community.
A lot has been happening and it's time to get you all up to speed on what is "Going On" in the ISA.
First and foremost, one of our National Presidents and a dear friend to all of us (Hallvard Flatland)
has been struck with a serious illness. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he
battles on a different court. We send him wishes for a speedy and full recovery from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Norway and the USA.

The visit to NYC to participate in the Grand Opening of the Jonathan's Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club
scheduled from 23-25 June 2013 is rapidly approaching however we have been advised that construction may still be in progress as we arrive but a tour is programmed as well as an enjoyable time in NYC.
The Inaugural to Norway ( 25 – 30 June 2013) is still scheduled and acting President Mats Graf Wang promises to make it as enjoyable and productive as possible.  Thirty-five members and I will be in attendence.
Finally, our 32nd World Singles Championship to be held in St. Pete, Florida (20 -26 October 2013 is also on target. The schedule, player package fees and game format have been sent out to National Presidents and posted on various websites. Chairmen Jim and Beth have been meeting regularly with city and club officials to go over each and every detail to insure we will have a fabulous event. The Hilton hotel, Colleseum, and transportation have all been contracted at the Club is deep in renovations to provide an outstanding venue for our championship.
To date, I have confirmation to have representation (approx. 128 competitors) from Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, and the USA.
The ISA is without a doubt moving forward in Leaps and Bounds.
May the drift be with you,
Michael Robert Zellner