From left: Anne-Lise Flatland (2nd), Kristin Gjelseth (winner), Ellen Hansson (3rd)

The Norwegian Shuffleboard Association has very successfully made an agreement with the Rica Havna Hotell, Tjome, having all our tournaments at the hotel. We can have both indoor and outdoor competitions.

On the first weekend of 2013 we decided to have a tournament called The New Year Rocket – and at the same time have a “late” Christmas-dinner for all our members who took part in the tournament.

For the first time we also arranged a tournament for our female players. They will have 3 tournaments this year, while the men will have 5. In addition some of us will play in the Norwegian International Open in June – and of course in The World Championship in October.

The weekend became a great success, and it has already been decided that this tournament will be a tradition!

17 men and 13 women played in the tournament, and here are the results for the top 4:

From left: Hallvard Flatland (2nd), Lars Bergseng (winner), Arnfinn Berg (3rd)


Women: 1. Kristin Gjelseth 2. Anne-Lise Flatland 3. Ellen Hansson 4. Katarina Flatland


Men: Lars Bergseng 2. Hallvard Flatland 3. Arnfinn Berg 4. Olav Hansson


Next tournament: Lillehammer Open on the 2nd of March.