Dear Members of the Shuffleboard World Body,
My family and I hope that each and every one of you, had a safe and happy holiday season.
I trust you all, as I did, asked Santa Claus to grant you: one more year of good health, an arm that still shoots straight and eyes that can focus to the end of the court.(smile)  My family and I spent the holidays relaxing in the mountains near Rio de Janeiro and I played shuffleboard with myself on my private court each day.  I even won a few games so I really feel this will be a record breaking year for me in the game. hahaha
On a serious note, the new year brings with it, many outstanding opportunities for International Shuffleboard and I am proud to be entering my second term as your President. Together with our very first all-female directorship of Myrna Bilton as 1st VP, Wilma Rudolph as Treasurer, Lois McCormack as Secretary and Pamela Hill as Historian/HOF Curator, we will do our best to bring the ISA to new heights.
The 100 Year Celebration of Shuffleboard in the USA, has been in full swing.  I congratulate the FSA and USANSA for their superb efforts in marketing and advertising this historical event and most importantly for introducing the Most Valuable Person (MVP) award.  Stan McCormack has been publishing every writeup and not a day goes by that we do not have an incoming
e-mail with another award recipient from him.  The Norwegian Innaugural is planned and many members of the ISA are headed there from 24 to 29 June 2013 to compete for a few days and then spend time getting to know our Norwegian counterparts, the City of Oslo and the great Norwegian way of life.  
 ***  There are stilll a few openings and I urge anyone interested to contact Jim or Beth Allen immediatly !
Jonathan Schnapp, owner and CEO of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn, New York  reports all is progressing well.  At the end of December he received his operating permit from city hall and construction is underway.  A team of ISA members and myself will take part in his grand opening just before we travel on to the Norway Innaugural on 23 and 24 June 2013. *** Again we have more openings for this NYC event so please contact myself or Jim Allen.
Finally, Jim and Beth Allen have been working closely with Christine Page and her St. Pete Shuffleboard Club staff, City Officials and Sponsors with the planning of, what I am sure will be, the finest ISA World Singles Championship to date.
From 21 to 25 October 2013 over 150 players from around the world, will converge in St. Pete, Florida  to compete against each other for World Titles.  Do not miss this special opportunity !   I suggest you contact your National President immediatly and place your name in consideration to compete in this event.  And, if you are not a player, I highly recommend make the trip
to witness this week of world class shuffling and celebration events.
May the drift be with you,
Prof. Michael Robert Zellner,
ISA President