Some times you do everything right clearing the board and then you miss your hammer because you can’t get the speed right, that’s why so many players play more on the board or clear more with a controlled speed. Don’t lose your hammer speed.

If your opponent is good at shooting something high to take your hammer try putting you’re next to last block on the board so they have to take you off. They probably won’t want to stay there and give you a free kitchen shot.

Some courts have a very odd or bad spot in them and sometimes you can get the other players hammer over and over by going to that spot. Sometimes you want to save that spot for just that critical moment when the games on the line, you know they exist so use them to your advantage.

Some courts are pretty straight down the middle but break out if you are out away from the centerline a little, on those courts your need to go down into the 7 to score your hammer, giving yourself more scoring space. Little things make a big difference!