How many times have you said that under your breath when your partner has chased a block, how many times have you said it to yourself!
If you want to see the proper use of the hammer, go watch Glen Peltier and his partner play. Unless game point is on the board, he’ll score his hammer every time instead of trying to get a partially hidden block and so will his partner and I know that’s a fact because if he doesn’t he’s playing his last match with Glen, I’ve seen it many times. If you ask Glen about it he’ll tell you he’s been playing so long and seen so many games turn around that you just can’t throw away the chance to score and I agree with him.

I also agree with Jack Grant.
You can’t score your hammer if you are in the kitchen. How many times have you seen a player, early in the game or in a game that is about even or a game that they have the lead in late in the game try to reverse a kitchen? Great players try it all the time and sometimes they pay the price.
The right play is to blast it out of the kitchen so you can score your hammer.