Games and matches have a way of turning around.
When you win it’s important to remember you may not be as good as you looked and your opponent may not be as bad as he looked.
Sometimes only a shot here or a shot there makes a game look lopsided, if you get a big head and get careless that big lead my disappear and you’ll be the one going home.
A few seasons back a team had my partner, Stan Williamson and myself down 52 to 93 in the hole, they drew a big crowd because they were in the process of punishing one of the games most successful teams and everyone wanted to see it.
Well they saw it all right.
They wouldn’t stop playing kitchen, even when they had 68 and the hammer, wouldn’t you know it we got two of theirs in the kitchen and the crowd saw it all right, we came back and won the game, you could have heard a pin drop.
It can happen!!