“Know what’s going on at the other end”, don’t “think you know”. Sounds obvious don’t it!
In a tournament earlier this year we had 68 and they had 67 and the hammer from the foot.
I put up a hide and he stuck, I tried to hide and stopped in the eight (yes I know I should have been in the seven) and to top it off I was open near the 7/8 line. For the second time in the match he thought I was on the line and covered my good block and in this case the winning block.
Now you just can’t let that happen and your partner can’t let it happen either. It’s hard enough to win; you can’t throw your chances away. But what’s worst is, he was so upset with himself he stopped thinking and let emotion take over. Had he thought about it he would have realized that I had 76 and a 10 would give him 77 and victory! He crashed into the cover block trying to get the good block, he probably should have taken me out on the open board and kept the 10 open, if I stayed on the board he still would have had a kitchen shot and a chance to score and win, I covered the 10.
“Keep your head about you”.