The team Zephyrhills SBC#1 won the very first season of the World Shuffleboard League. They are the “Club World Champions of Shuffleboard – Winter 2010/11”. Team members are Earl Ball, Jim Barnes, Gus Bondi, Chuck Moulton and Henry Strong.

Congratulations from all the Shuffleboard World!





The finals were played on Sunday afternoon in Zephyrhills where both top teams – Zephyrhills and their opponents Betmar ‘A’ Team are located.alt The Betmar team members are Terry Rainwater, Pierre Thibault, Ron McLin, Earl Ball and Gerald Sharp. Referee and Deputy League Commissioner Glenn Monroe from Lakeland supervised the final games. Both teams had to perform three rounds of SpeedShuffleboard and proved their skills.
Zephyrhills finally won by an average of 184,25 compared to 180,25. Both teams will receive a certificate and a unique, custom made cap to recognize their outstanding achievements.

25 teams from 6 countries participated in this competition, which is unique not only in the World of Shuffleboard. National as well as International teams compete with each other, using their favorite courts and their preferred times without the need to travel. On top of that they act as sponsors for their home clubs, as 50% of the individual player fees will be returned to the respective Club Treasurer. Beside this financial aspect there is a more important reason why to join the WSL: it is the contact with your Shuffleboard friends around the world. With this League you can team up with your national or even international friends and keep up the relationship throughout the year.

To encourage not only the big boys to join the WSL, the organizers have selected one team, to be drawn by lot from all teams in the league (performed by the WSL Board)  to get back its seasonal fees (except the registration fee.) The draw was conducted by WSL Treasurer Beth Allen and WSL DLC Glenn Monroe, following the four-eye-principle.

And the winner is… “The Elite Squad”.

Additionally, the top 8 Players by average (excluding the Play Offs) will be awarded points for the World Ranking. The World Ranking will be updated shortly (see menu “World Ranking”).
The players will keep their points for World Ranking until the next season has ended.

The next season – Summer 2011 – starts on 1 April and ends on 30 September 2011.