George Higginson, World Record holderGeorge Higginson of Team “Clearwater SC1” has scored a new World Record for SpeedShuffleboard during his latest game for the World Shuffleboard League on 12 January 2011.
Accompanied by his teammates he overtook the former record holder Gerald Sharp by 8 points and, by scoring a new World Record, is the new US record holder.

While admiring George for his fabulous score we must not forget others who did very well and scored new Country Records for their respective home countries:
Bernar Borges from Brazil (“The Elite Squad”) scored 179, Erika Berg from Canada (“The Internationals”) improved the Canadian Record to be at 208 points and the first player from Japan, Yoshiko Suzuki (“The Internationals”) started her WSL career with a Japanese Record of 133 points.
Australian and German Records remain unchanged; Ian Wiltshire (“Hey Hey its Saturday/173) and Lore Wuellner (“Generation X”/207).

Latest update: Torben Hussmann scored a new German Record: 211

Following is a table with all the details:


World Record
Points Name Country Team Date
223 George Higginson USA Clearwater SC1 12. Jan 2011
Country Records
Points Name Country Team Date
173 Ian Wiltshire AUS Hey Hey its Saturday 27. Nov 2010
179 Bernar Borges BRA The Elite Squad 07. Dez 2010
208 Erika Berg CAN The Internationals 24. Jan 2011
211 Torben Hussmann GER President’s Choice 30. Jan 2011
133 Yoshiko Suzuki JPN The Internationals 09. Jan 2011
223 George Higginson USA Clearwater SC1 12. Jan 2011


Dieter Hussmann
WSL League Commissioner