Thank You Vienna for a Wonderful Championship!

On behalf of the International Shuffleboard Association I am honoured to say THANK YOU to the Austrian Shuffleboard Association for hosting a class act championship……you were an amazing host.
Sincere Thanks to the Austrian Shuffleboard Association President Peter Krappel, Elisabeth Schimatzck, committees and all the volunteers. You all showed much enthusiasm, passion and dedication in hosting this championship. “You did yourselves proud”. Our Austrian friends introduced delicious Austrian food , music and much more to us.

Its people like you who make all the difference in the world. You people took the time to go out of your way to make the 38th ISA World Championship a huge success.
Congratulations to the Austrian Shuffleboard Association for becoming an ISA full member. Our International shuffleboard family is growing.
Vienna was a wonderful, charming city to host the 38th ISA World Championship and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ISA.

Thanks to ISA Vice President Dieter Hussmann, Glenn Monroe, Stephanie Swain, Josh Dulabaum, Jim and Beth Allen for their support, dedication and donations to the ISA Championships.
Congratulations to Fabienne Fluck from Germany and Mats Graff Wang from Norway for placing first and taking home the golden cues. Congratulations to all metal winners and to all participants who took part in this championship….everyone is a winner to be able to share love and friendship ties with friends from around the world. All participants are wonderful ambassadors for their respective countries.

Congratulations to Allie Enos, Rich Phifer and Oliver Schwarten who were inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame. They are most deserving of this prestigious award.
The warm hospitality, the camaraderie and friendships that we experienced in Vienna will last us for a lifetime.
“International shuffleboard friends woven together. We are thankful to be part of the weave”.
Blessings for good health, love and peace.
With a grateful heart…….Until we meet again

Myrna Bilton, International Shuffleboard Association Inc.