The “37th” ISA World Championship” will be held in High River, Alberta, Canada on July 15th – 20th, 2018. Plans are coming along nicely. Many people are working hard to make sure it will be a Tournament to Remember. 
There will be 10 countries represented. I’m pleased to report that there will be 96 participants shuffling for the week.
See the list of player here: 37th ISA Tournament Players High River
There will also be several non players enjoying the “camaraderie” that takes place.
It’s exciting for me to see the “newcomers” (first time to play at an ISA Championship).
They will be presented with an ISA Pin. 
We have one person who will be entering the ISA Hall of Fame.  A well deserving 
person….Joyce Smith. 
Our newest ISA Interim Member Country, Austria will be represented by the Austrian Shuffleboard Association, President Peter Krappel. 
It’s going to be a FUN WEEK with making lots of lasting “Memories”. 
See you in High River 🐎 
Myrna Bilton
ISA President