General advice for the international participants of the 36th ISA World Championship – Brazil 2017

Dear international travelers,

We are exactly 2 months to the event and I hope you are as excited as I am!
It’s time to give you some advice and tips about this great trip. 


The Best Western Hotel is well located in a dense neighborhood of Niteroi, called Icarai, very close to the beach, with a stunning view of Rio de Janeiro landscape, and with walking-distances to many stores, malls, bakery, markets, restaurants, pharmacies etc. Click on the map to open.


In Rio and Niteroi, most of the electricity power is 110 volts, but the hotel is 220 volts. The hotel offers ironing and hair dryer for free. As most of the cell phone chargers are bi-volt, this won’t be a problem.


You will receive the complete schedule soon, but to inform in advance, the registration of the participants and bags distribution will take place at the lobby of the hotel on Friday and Saturday, so the participants can read all the event and tourism information with plenty of time and can enjoy the recommended restaurants and “things-to-do” in the area before scheduled activities begin on Sunday morning.
Breakfast opens 6 o’clock daily.

For more info about the hotel, visit their new and beautiful bilingual website:



Almost every place, like stores, restaurants, malls and some taxis accept payment with credit card. Remember to ask your bank to authorize international use. Anyway it’s always good to bring some money in cash, like R$1000 (about 300 US dollars), for a souvenir or a coconut water at the beach.
There are currency exchange agencies at the airport. They accept US, Canadian and Australian dollar, Euro, Iene, Pound sterling and others. There are some agencies in the city of Niteroi too.
You may also use the ATM machines, in Brazil they are called Banco24horas (24hoursBank). Generally they are located at gas stations and malls. The closest one from our hotel is 10 minutes walking. Here are all the banks and card brands accepted at these machines:


Tipping in Brazil is not as usual as in North America. At restaurants it’s optional and the bill will include it as a 10% fee. If you think you had a good service, you pay for it. Anything more than that is not expected.
To taxi drivers you don’t need to give tip. But to facilitate the payment in cash, you can round up the value shown at the taximeter to avoid coins, and pay with a bill and tell him to keep change.
In hotels, if someone helps you a lot with your luggage, you can give him something like R$ 5 (around US$ 2).


In Brazil it’s not usual to drink water directly from the tap. Although it is clean and appropriate for cooking, bathing etc, we only drink bottled water or from water dispensers.


The Police State Department is aware of our international event, and so is the City Guard. Niteroi is a small city compared to Rio de Janeiro, but they are very close. And like almost all metropolis in the world, we must pay attention and take care of our stuffs.
When walking with our shuffleboard group to the scheduled activities, you are safe. But some places at night and after-midnight are not recommended to walk by alone.
We recommend keeping your name badge always with you. In case of any emergency, just look at the contact numbers at the backside of your badge.

For further questions, feel free to contact me ( or the ISA treasurer Beth Allen ( And while in Brazil, do expect A LOT OF music, arts and tasty food.
Definitely, we’ll have fun on and outside the courts!

Let’s celebrate a great time shuffling with friends in Brazil!


Bernar Borges – ABS President

Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, May 23, 2017