WOW.  What a Show !  The 32nd ISA World Shuffleboard Championship of
St. Petersburg, Florida will go down in history as one of International Shuffleboards most memorable and truly was a shining moment for our sport.  
If you were one of the hundreds in attendance, then you will undoubtedly treasure that moment for many years to come.  If you were fortunate enough to be a competitor, than you will take with you special friendships from all around the world that will endure throughout your lifetime.  Nobody really loses in International Shuffleboard because each goes home with a heart full of joy.
From the Meet n Greet to the Opening Ceremony, the Games, the Hall of Fame Ceremony/Banquet, the Annual and General Board Meeting, the Finals, the 100 Year Celebration and the Awards Ceremony/Banquet all went off flawlessly.  
I cannot begin to thank everyone who played an important part in making this event the huge success that it was without using 3 or 4 pages.  The wonderful City of St. Petersburg was an outstanding Host as was the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club under President Christine Page.  Both were totally prepared to receive the 160 competitors from 13 nations and visitors that surpassed 300 that descended upon them for an entire week.  All of the outstanding volunteers should be commended and last but not least the entire ISA Board of Directors including each and every Chairperson deserves a big hug and a heartfelt “Thank You”       from all of us.  A task this big places enormous amounts of stress and demands uncountable hours that many, do not even know, begins up to 2 years prior to the actual event.  And finally congrats to Glenna Earle, and Ken Offenther for taking home the “gold” and truly living history in the making. 

I salute you!

Your President,

Michael Robert Zellner