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Due to the unprecedented numbers of players competing in the 32nd World Singles Championship in St. Petersburg, Florida, The order of play has been modified to accommodate both the number of players and the outdoor venue for this event. The new order of play will be as follows.




There are 80 players scheduled for this event. Each player will be placed into one of 8 groups of 10 players each (Groups A through H). Their position within the group will be based upon their player ranking as provided by either their national organization or, in the event the national organization fails to provide a ranking, the I.S.A. Singles Committee. These groups are balanced as best as possible so that each group has approximately the same overall ranking.


Each group of 10 then plays a round robin competition within the group. Each player will play one match against each other member of the group, for a total of 9 matches.


At the completion of this phase, all players within the group will be ranked according the number of wins and ties accumulated during these 9 rounds of play. The below listed tie breaking procedures will be used to break any ties within the group.


At the conclusion of Round Robin Phase, all players will advance to the Knockout round in accordance with the schedule shown for that phase.




There are 72 women scheduled for this event. They will be organized into 8 groups of 9 players each (Groups A through H). As is the case with the men, the ladies’ groups will be seeded as closely as possible.


Each group of 9 will then play a round robin within their group, for a total of 8 games. Each player will also have one “Bye” round. Again, the below listed tie breaking rules will be used to break all ties.




The final 4 rounds of the competition will be the knockout, or single elimination, phase. Here, all players will be placed into one of five 16-place charts.


  1. The first chart of 16, made up of the top two players from each round robin group, will play for positions 1 to 16.

  2. The second chart, made up of the next two players in each group, will play for positions 17 to 32.

  3. The third chart, made up of the players finishing in places 5 and 6 in each round robin group, will play for places 33 to 48.

  4. The forth chart will be made up from the players finishing 7 and 8 in their respective groups. They will play for places 49 to 64.

  5. The final chart will be made up of the players finishing 9 and 10 in their men’s division group, or just the ninth place in the women’s division. The men on this chart will play 4 rounds for positions 65 to 80. The women will play 3 rounds for positions 65 to 72.


Contrary to the nomenclature used, no player will ever be knocked out of or eliminated from the tournament. Instead, a loss drops a player into the bottom half of the positions for which he/she was originally eligible. In other words, if a player loses a match while playing for positions 1 to 16, his/her next match will be for positions 9 to 16. A second loss would find them playing for positions 13 to 16. If he/she loses a third time, they would be playing for positions 15 and 16.


At the conclusion of the tournament, each male player will have played a total of 13 matches, plus any necessary tiebreakers. Female players will have played 12 matches plus a Bye




Ties within a group at the end of the Round Robin Phase will be broken, where possible, by head-to-head results. A round of speed shuffleboard will used to break ties that cannot be clearly broken by the head-to-head method.


The order of play for speed shuffleboard is:


  1. A referee will be assigned to each speed shuffleboard match.

  2. All tied players will line up on adjacent courts at the direction of the referee.

  3. Players will shoot one practice disc on their court.

  4. Each player will shoot one disc for score within three seconds of the referee’s command.

  5. All discs shot for score will remain the court until the conclusion of the match.

  6. Steps 4 and 5 will be repeated 6 times.

  7. The total value of the 7 discs shot for score by each player will be used to break all ties.


Rev. 7-14-13