Greetings once again to shufflers all around the world.

On August 10th, 2012 we wrapped up one of the finest International Shuffleboard World Championships to date.
From 6 -10 August 2012 in Seattle, Wash. at the Granite Curling Club, 11 Mens Teams and 10 Ladies Teams with players from Australia, Brazil, Canada East and Canada West, England, Germany, Great Brittan, Netherlands, Norway, and USA East and West battled it out for a chance to take home a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal.  A very special "Thank You" goes out, from the ISA President and Board of Directors, to Hosts Rob Robinson and Jan Crouse and their spouses Margaret and Chuck respectively, for making this a truly memorable time and championship second to none. From the Opening to the Closing Ceremony and everything in between was metodically planned, controlled and executed under the watchful eyes of the hosts and their fabulous team.
Courts and equipment could not have been better and meals were first class all the way. Bravos for a job well done !!!

Congrats to Hall of Fame inductees: Dr. Luiz Pimentel (Brazil), Henry Strong (Canada) and Yoshiko Suzuki (Japan)
Congratulations also go out to the following championship winners: Gold Medals (Canada Mens East), Silver Medals (USA Mens East)
and Bronze Medals (UN Boys Youth) and also Gold Medals (Canada Womens East), Silver Medals (Japan Ladies 1) and Bronze medals (Japan Ladies 2). The Annual Board Meeting took place on August 7th and many topics pertinent to the operation, growth and future of shuffleboard were discussed in great detail.  Elections also took place re-electing myself (Brazil) to another term as President, Myrna Bilton (Canada) to be 1st Vice President, Wilma Rudolph (USA) as Treasurer, Lois McCormack (Canada) as Secretary and Pamela Hill (Canada) continuing for another term as Historian/Hall of Fame Curator.

I am so proud to be working with the finest ALL FEMALE team ever assembled in the ISA and together we will move the ISA in a positive direction with accellerated growth. Plans are in motion for an outstanding International Tournament in Norway next June and preparations for the most prestigious and elaborate World Shuffleboard Championship comemmorating " 100 Years of Shuffleboard in the USA"  is advancing wonderfully with the fine support of St. Petersberg Club President Christine Page, St. Petersberg Sports Director Kevin Smith and Jim Allen, ISA Publicity Chairman being assisted by ISA Committee Member Bethany Allen.  Many good things are coming our way.

Prof. Michael Robert Zellner,
ISA President