You’ve probably heard me say that you never always do something and you never, never do something.
Sometimes you have to do what you never do.
It depends on who you’re playing, who you partner is playing and how well you are both playing, not to mention the score and lots of other situations.

Last week I was playing a match and the other team had 67 and the hammer from the head. We had 65 and my partner had a Tampa, a little too much to the center of the point, with one shot left, he did the right thing by shooting a 7 on the open side of the board so they couldn’t win but the opponent did the wrong thing and didn’t take the 7 off but scored an 8 for the win. For once I wish my partner had shot the wrong shot and tried to bump on the 10 for the winning block.
“Sometimes the wrong shot is the winning shot”.