We’ve all faced situations where we knew what shot we had to take, but were afraid to look bad.
One of my partners was always afraid to look bad and I used to tell him to take the shot anyway, because if we lost they weren’t going to let him stay because he didn’t look bad, he was going home too.

That means that if you have to run the alley to get another block, do it. If you have to shoot a ten, do it.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it!
Last year in the semi finals of a tournament we needed one block to win and our opponents had the hammer and needed three blocks to win. I had a thin hide from the head for my final shot but played it by the book and blocked part of the board instead of by my own rule which is win when you can, take that hide, rush the game!

My opponent scored his hammer and then his partner got two on my partner and I never got a chance to win the game.
In another tournament the opponent got a 7 half hidden for the winning score. I could try to take it off and score for the win or shot a 10 to out point him. I tried to get him off, but didn’t.

Know what you have to do to win, be aggressive and do it!!