How many times have you seen games go down the drain because someone tried to get both off and missed them both?
A few years ago in the National Singles at Bradenton I was watching Hall of Famer Buck Buchanan who was at that time a great player. He was playing Glen Peltier and I learned a big lesson at Buck’s expense.

Buck was a couple of blocks from going out; Glen had the hammer and was at 45. Glen put one on the 7 and Buck missed, we all do from time to time. Glen put one on the other 7; Buck went for both of them and missed again. Glen put one on the eight on the same side as the first 7; Buck tried the same shot as last time and missed again. Of course Glen put an 8 on the other side and now Buck had to get two off or he would lose the next time around; he missed them all and Glen won from 45.

I learned a big lesson because if Buck could miss so could I. I made up my mind that I was going to “get one for sure” and that’s what I teach; be sure you get one!