In some frame games you only get 2 speed shots and 4 practice shots. The best way to use those shots, for the most information, is to shoot your speed shots as if you are hiding behind a St Pete and a Tampa. Use the 4 practice shots to shoot the sevens along the bottom. The seven on your side in the corner should be shot from the outside position to see how the alley runs.

Sometimes you only get four shoots and you change colors in the middle of the game. In that case the most information can be gained by shooting behind a St Pete and a Tampa with the first two shots and then shooting at two 7’s located behind the intersection of the 8/10 line and the side angle line. When you change colors it is important to realize if you are significantly ahead or behind. If you are significantly ahead you use the same practice as you did to open the game because you will be clearing to maintain the lead. You may also take advantage of a good hide if the opponent is not on the board. If you are about even or behind then you need to shot the 7’s along the bottom because you will probably be playing kitchen to catch up or to build a lead.

In all cases it is important to watch your opponent practice because you do not get enough shots to learn the board by yourself.