Dear National Presidents,
Enclosed is the Tournament Package and Wire Transfer info for the 2012 ISA World Team Championships
to be held in Seattle, Washington, USA from 6-10 August 2012.
Please begin advertising for this event and putting together your Men's and Women's teams.
Each National President has the right to submit up to 2 Men's teams consisting of 4-6 players on each team and the same for the Women's teams.  In total 12 men and 12 Women from any one nation.
It is always advisable to have a back-up player list as well as play additional players, who qualify to represent another nation, on the United Nations Team to have maximum participation from your nation.
I have also extended, on a trial basis for this tournament, the privilege for National Presidents to submit a National Youth (boys or girls) team consisting of 4-6 players between the ages of 13-19.
UN Youth team or teams will also be formed to accommodate youth from nations without a National Organization or from any National Organization that cannot field a full team and wishes to submit youth players. I am expecting each National President to support the Youth Program within the ISA as it serves to guarantee the future of Shuffleboard for years to come.
UN Adult team or teams will be directed by Captains Rocky and GiGi Briggs and contain players qualified to represent any nation without a National Organization or nations that cannot field a full team.
Nominations will come from the National Presidents or directly by individuals qualified to represent any new nation and selections and team formations will be done by the UN Captains and myself.  
This tournament is under the direction of Rob Robinson and Jan Crouse and I have total confidence
in their managerial abilities. They promise this to be the "Mother of all Championships"
* For additional championship location questions please contact them directly.
* For questions regarding the championship itself, rules, youth teams and United Nation teams contact        
   myself or a Board Member.
Remember there are cutoff dates for payments to be followed and each player must pay the ISA Player Fee
($50 )to the Treasurer before being added to any championship roster.
**** National Presidents please do your best to send in group payments with an accompanying list of payees to make the job of these volunteers a little easier.
Best regards,
Michael Robert Zellner
ISA President