Have you ever questioned yourself about the best international Shuffleboard players? The ones that finished best for their country or even scored a perfect record? Who became World Champion in 2009?
Which country won the ISA tournament in a certain year, what is the total country score? Where was that ISA tournament played?

Answers to all these questions are now provided on the “ISA” menu under Worldcup History” .

“ISA Tournament History” displays year, location and mode (team/singles) of a tournament. The winners of the men’s and women’s division are also shown.

The submenu “Tournament Statistics” gives you a survey about the total wins countrywise.

The submenu “Outstanding Players” shows all achievements by individual players. Please remember that according to the ISA constitution such an achievement (Perfect Record, Best Country Finisher, World Champion) is one of the prerequisites for being eligible to be elected into the Hall of Fame (HOF). You can search for years, type, country or gender, or otherwise you search for all to be displayed.

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