In a match we had 66 and they had 67 and the hammer from the head. Somehow my partner had a 7 about 8 inches below the 7/8 line and one shot left. He knew he had to put another 7 on so we would have 80 and the opponent would have to take him off. He put a 7 on the other side.
I remembered that in Lake Worth during my first year Jay Goldman had the same situation against me and snuggled his own block so I had to take him off and couldn’t score.
In the “Masters” that same year I had Mike Vassalotti beat he needed two blocks and I needed one with the hammer. He snuggled his own eight and I didn’t have room to score, he kept one and scored the next hammer and won.
I wish my partner had had those experiences because I know he would have remembered. As it was though, the opponent took him off and scored. His partner scored his hammer and they won!
“Learn from your experiences”.

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