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Board Officers Year 2022


ISA President:
Myrna Bilton (CANADA)


mail Myrna

ISA Past President:
Michael Zellner (USA)


mail Michael

ISA Historian/Hall of Fame Curator:
Kathy Brennan (USA)


mail Kathy

ISA Treasurer:
Beth Allen (USA)


mail Beth

ISA Secretary:
Evelyn Rosetti (USA)


mail Evelyn

ASA President:
Nancye Skinner (AUSTRALIA)


mail Nancy

CNSA President:
Norman Lindsay (CANADA)


mail Norman

GSA President:
Dieter Hussmann (GERMANY)


mail Dieter

JNSA President:
Akira Kawai (JAPAN)


mail Akira

ABS President:
Bernar Borges (BRAZIL)


mail Bernar

UKSA President:
Peter Davis (UK)


mail Peter

USA President:
Kathy Brennan (USA)


mail Kathy

NSA President:
Hallvard Flatland (NORWAY)


mail Hallvard

ASA (Austria) President:
Peter Krappel

mail Peter


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