9 10, 2011

Some interesting news

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Hi all, I hope you are all enjoying your beautiful end of summertime and beginning of Autumn up in North America.In South America we are saying goodbye to the wintertime and waiting desperately for our summer to start.I would like to update you on the future ISA Championship locations.The 2012 ISA World Team Championship will [...]

9 10, 2011

WSL Winter Season 2011/12 has started

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The WSL Winter season 2011/12 has started on October 1st. It will end on 30 April 2012. With immediate effect teams can be formed and registered online. All you need is four Shufflers to build a team. Please see the menu "WSL Tutorial" for a detailed description how to submit the registration. If you are still [...]

3 10, 2011

World Ranking Update

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Following are the results of the latest tournament, contributing to the World Ranking: the SpeedShuffleboard Tournament 2011-2 was completed on September 30th, 2011 in Germany. The World Ranking has been updated accordingly and is published on menu "World Ranking". Full Name Country Rank Points Gender Tournament Name Country Factor Players Factor Internat. Points Torben Hussmann GER 1 [...]

30 09, 2011

International Team wins World Shuffleboard League

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And the winner is...                   This is International teamwork: Earl Ball (USA), Michael Hirsch (USA), Bernar Borges (BRA) and Torben Hussmann (GER) teamed up to play as "The Young Guys & the Old Guy" and won the Summer Season 2011 of the World Shuffleboard League (WSL). They [...]

29 09, 2011

WSL Rules Modification

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For the upcoming season of the World Shuffleboard League, which starts on October 1st, 2011, the official rules have been modified. Thanks to the feedback from many players the WSL Board was able to identify situations that could be improved. Following rules have been modified: 5. Each team shall be required to submit a minimum [...]

24 09, 2011

Shuffleboard: Promotion by CBS News

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CBS has done a good deal of promotion with their news video on Ohio youth Shuffleboard. Featured are many kids and some members of the UN Youth Team that played in Germany 2010. Click on the link to view the video. CBS NEWS Video

21 09, 2011

Best scorers of WSL Summer Season

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The WSL Summer Season 2011 has reached its final stage, the Play Offs. During the Play Offs the scores do not add to the players' personal average anymore. Therefore it is time to award the best scorers of the WSL their points for the World Ranking. Torben Hussmann, playing for "The Elite Squad II" managed [...]

17 09, 2011

WSL Play Offs – Semifinals

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The WSL Summer Season 2011 has reached its final stage. Starting Saturday 17th the four best teams meet for the Play Offs. Team "Young Guys & the Old Guy" (UN) plays Team "Zephyrhills Four" (USA) and "President's Choice" (GER) faces "The Elite Squad II" (UN). In the semifinals each team has to provide 3 scores [...]