A message on the 38th International Shuffleboard Association World Championships from President Myrna Bilton

The 38th ISA World Championship is fast approaching. It will be held in Vienna, Austria. The beautiful city of Vienna is situated on the banks of the Danube River. Because of its musical legacy Vienna is referred to as “The City of Music”. It is also said to be “The City of Dreams”.

What a wonderful place to reunite with our International friends, play shuffleboard and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the International Shuffleboard Association.

“Meet & Greet” will be held on Sunday October 27th, 2019.  This is where we renew friendships and meet new friends from around the world. It will be a fun filled week ending with the awards banquet on Friday evening November 1st, 2019.

Special appreciation and thanks to Peter Krappel, President of the Austrian Shuffleboard Association, and to Elisabeth Schimatzek and the committee for their dedication and commitment and hard work in making this event possible.

I’m pleased to announce that there will be 9 countries represented at the 38th ISA World Championship.

The Inherent Mission of the International Shuffleboard Association is to promote and foster positive international relations around the world through the game of shuffleboard. It is for this very reason that we annually meet. Our member nations gather at selected worldwide locations to share love, develop lasting friendships, learn new cultures, and spend precious time together engaging in competitive shuffleboard.

Safe travels to everyone 

Myrna Bilton

International Shuffleboard Association Inc.