As many of you know, just after assuming the Presidency and on behalf of our organization,
I applied for the ISA to become a member of The Association For International Sport for all (TAFISA) and was quickly accepted.  Immediatly following this acceptance, TAFISA then surprisingly offered to sponsor a Delegation of up to 10 of our finest to travel to the 5th World Sport for All Games Siauliai 2012 being held in Siauliai, Lithuania from 5 -10 July 2012, to perform demonstrations of our unique and little known sport to an audience in excess of 10,500 world officials and  spectators from over 101 different countries.
Obviously I most graciously accepted.

The main goal of the TAFISA Games is to promote diversity of national cultures, cooperation, peace and welfare by sport. Differently from the professional sport games victory is not the priority whilst, the Games are  traditional and accessible sport for all.  TAFISA actively cooperates with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international organizations (ICSSPE and others). Those special members of our organization, who I selected to accompany me, ranged in age from youth to seniors in both genders in order to reflect the true diversity that we possess in international shuffleboard.

* Headed to Lithuania to represent our International Shuffleboard Association are:
Marius Runge (German Youth), Bernar Borges (Brazilian Youth) Camile Caldas (Brazilian Youth), Gabriel Zellner (USA Youth), Dieter Hussmann, (German Adult) Austin Bondi (USA Senior),
James Bailey (USA Senior), Stan McCormack (Canadian Senior), Lois McCormack (Canadian Senior) and President Michael Zellner (USA / Brazilian Adult)

Michael Robert Zellner
ISA President