As you should know by now, I have officially accepted the resignation of Dieter Hussman as the 1st Vice President and all of the committees he was a member of.  He cited personal reasons and I feel it is in the best interest
of all to grant him his request.  His contributions were many and he will be missed however with the continued support all of you we will continue to move the ISA in a positive direction.  We have come so far in recent years and yet have many more things to accomplish. The future for the ISA and Shuffleboard around the world is advancing at leaps and bounds due in principle to you my board members. I could not do this without the support of each one of you. For this I am ever greatful.

The present committees will remain intact and at the ISA Annual Board Meeting in Seattle, replacements to the committees will be selected and new chairmen appointed. The World Ranking will also continue, but at this time, it is frozen until further discussions amoung the National Presidents can take place. I am confident that with some modifications and concessions we can arrive at a ranking system that is easier, fairer and acceptable by all. The replacment of 1st Vice President is a little more difficult and will require some conssideration time on my part, but hopefully I will have a nomineee for you by Seattle. In the course of advancment its quite normal to take 5 giant steps forward and one small step backward just to re-evaluate, re-organize and re-direct our energy and goals.

In closing, I am excited to be working on the TAFISA project for July 2012, planning the Seattle Championship for August 2012 and participating in the pre-planning stages of the 2013 St. Pete 100 years of Shuffleboard in America celebration and championship.

Respectfully yours,

Michael Robert Zellner
ISA President