Dear Shufflers,
It gives me great pleasure to announce that the votes for 2012 ISA Hall of Fame Induction are all in and tallied.
Once again, I thank the voting members for your participation in this democratic process.
1.  As the ISA Constitution states, " Two (2) candidates per year from either category, willl normally be selected and inducted pursuant to the criteria",  therefore I decided to let you, the voting board members,  make the decision if this year more than 2 shall be inducted.  Results of your voting revealed, 5 in favor of inducting 3 individuals versus 3 against. Therefore, following majority rule, the induction of 3 candidates will take place in the year 2012.
2.  Results also revealed a three-way-tie with 6 votes each going to Henry Strong, Yoshiko Suzuki and Dr. Luiz Pimentel with the remaining candidate receiving only 3 votes.
3.  As you all know, the ISA Constitution grants the ISA President,  the authority to cast the tie breaking vote however, since the majority of you have decided to induct 3 individuals this year, I will abstain from exercising my voting privilege and let it remain a three-way-tie.  I see no practical reason or advantage to the ISA for its President to break the tie.
All  3 selectees shall remain on equal status and inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame at the 31st World Shuffleboard Championships in Seattle, Washington on Thursday, August 9th, 2012.
4.  My heartfelt congratulations goes out to Henry Strong, Yoshiko Suzuki and Dr. Luiz Pimentel.  You have each earned this recognition through years of dedicated service to the ISA and now its time for our organization to recognize you for all that you have done, presently do and will continue to do for the betterment of the ISA.
In Closing, I would like to personally thank those individuals who took the time to recognize and submit write-ups to nominate these 4 candidates. Without you, this program of recognizing the "best of the best"  would be ineffective.
Respectfully Yours,
Michael Robert Zellner, President
International Shuffleboard Association