The WSL Summer Season 2011 has reached its final stage, the Play Offs. During the Play Offs the scores do not add to the players’ personal average anymore.
Therefore it is time to award the best scorers of the WSL with their points for the World Ranking.
Three players from the team of “Zephyrhills Eight” managed to make it to the top: Steve Barnett, Jim Barnes and Ernie Waldron. They are followed by Earl Ball from “CanAm“, who earned enough points to return to #1 in the World Ranking. He overtook former leader Henry Strong by just a fraction. Henry, playing for team “3Nova Scotians+1″, finished 5th together with his teammate David Earle on #6. Another former World #1 player, Torben Hussmann from Germany finished 7th, followed by David Rushton from Canada.
The women did not make it to the top 8 this time, but there are four placed in the top 20: Birgitt Hussmann (GER), Glenna Earle (CAN), Renate Hirning (GER) and Ina Schwarten (GER). Norwegian players in their first season did a great job. President Hallvard Flatland nearly made it to the top 8. They will surely try hard again next season.However, their team, the “Lillehammer Stars” were lucky to be drawn by lot as the team of the WSL to be refunded with their playing fees. So Congratulations to them!
Before we start the next season, stay tuned for the results of this season’s Play Offs. The top 3 teams, Zephyrhills Eight, CanAm and 3Nova Scotians+1 will perform three scores within the next two weeks to determine the winner.

Please see below table for the allocation of points from WSL Winter Season 2011/12 to the World Ranking.

Rank Player’s Average Full Name Team Country Games World Ranking Points
1 185,50 Steve Barnett Zephyrhills Eight USA 6 4
2 185,00 Jim Barnes Zephyrhills Eight USA 7 3,5
2 185,00 Ernie Waldron Zephyrhills Eight USA 7 3
4 182,83 Earl Ball CanAm USA 6 2,5
5 182,50 Henry Strong 3Nova Scotians+1 CAN 6 2
6 181,33 David Earle 3Nova Scotians+1 CAN 6 1,5
7 180,33 Torben Hussmann President’s Choice GER 6 1
8 180,00 Henry Strong CanAm CAN 6 0
9 176,00 David Earle CanAm CAN 6 0
10 172,83 David Rushton 3Nova Scotians+1 CAN 6 0,5
11 172,17 Hallvard Flatland Lillehammer Stars NOR 6 0
12 170,00 Birgitt Hussmann President’s Choice GER 8 0
13 168,25 Dieter Hussmann President’s Choice GER 8 0
14 155,33 Glenna Earle 3Nova Scotians+1 CAN 6 0
15 154,67 George Darwin CanAm USA 6 0
16 143,00 Renate Hirning President’s Choice GER 6 0
17 137,83 Mats Graff-Wang Lillehammer Stars NOR 6 0
18 137,33 Lars Bergseng Lillehammer Stars NOR 6 0
19 136,33 Ina Schwarten Meerbusch Unpredictables GER 6 0
20 128,17 Petter Nielsen-Berg Lillehammer Stars NOR 6 0