alt“Shuffleboard macht Schule” – that is the headline our media partner, newspaper GNZ, has defined for the 1. German School Championships in Shuffleboard.
The “Kickoff” was held on Saturday when school and GSA came together for a project that might serve as a template for similar future events.
Approximately twenty students from the Grimmelshausen-Gymnasium inGelnhausen (GGG) arrived at the National Shuffleboard center in Langenselbold to select their best Shufflers.
The students were accompanied by their parents and by teacher Dirk Hartmann and were given a quick introduction into the rules of Shuffleboard before they started to practice and build up their first strategies for the game.

The German Shuffleboard Association (GSA) had quite a few of its members attending the event to provide professional advice to the students. There was runner-up to the World Champion, German Champions and actual members of the German National team helping the novice players to get used to the game.
The Board members of the GSA, present as well, wish to give special thanks to Herbert Beinlich, Christel Engler, Dominik and Renate Hirning and Torben Hussmann.

altAfter some practice time the students started with their tournament to find the 5 top Shufflers. After four rounds, a tiebreak had to be played (performed as “SpeedShuffleboard”), to determine the “Best of the Best”.

Finally the “GGG” will be represented by following students at the upcoming School Championships: Tom Gerlach (13), Sarah Schuster (14), Benni Schlosser (17), Eva Haberkorn (18) and Ralf Schlosser (19).

altThe broad mix of boys and girls of different age once again proves that Shuffleboard is not about age, sex or physical condition – it is a game of talent and skills.
Most important for the students though: they all had fun.

Next in line is Kreisrealschule Bad Orb. The school was certified in 2011as one of the best Middle schools in the state of Hesse. They show up in two weeks to cast their best Shufflers for the School Championships 2012.