2011 has been the first year for the ISA to publish a World Ranking for all Shufflers.

It has proved to be successful and has attracted a good amount of interest. As all the set up and updates had to be handled manually, it was necessary to work on improvements to ease the workload for the members of the World Ranking Committee.

Thanks to webmaster Oliver Schwarten and Chairman Dieter Hussmann the improved Ranking is now ready to use and is published under the respective menu of these pages. 

It took months to collect suggestions, test the feasability and design a structure for the new World Ranking. After all that the technical part of that mission had to be completed and the testing to be concluded.

Right now the ranking is completely set up as a database, easy to use and every Shuffler in the world can check national and international tournaments, its players and rankings.

Select the underlined items in the respective lists to get in depth information about all necessary details. A detailed documentation is also available under that section.

Henry Strong new #1 player

The first tournaments of 2012 have led to some changes in ranking.
While the women’s ranking still sees Japan’s Sachiyo Takada in front, Canada’s Henry Strong has taken over the lead from Germany’s Torben Hussmann, who is now ranked 3rd. Runner-up is US player Earl Ball.

We hope you like the new format and enjoy following your favorite players. Should you have any questions or detect any inaccuracies please contact us : dieter at world-shuffleboard.org .

Your feedback is most welcome.