As the year 2011 is the first year to end with a World Ranking in Shufleboard it is time to to honor the best players.

Torben Hussmann (GER) in the men's division and Sachiyo Takada (JPN) in the ladies' division did a brilliant job to achieve more points than any other Shuffler. They are to be congratulated for their outstanding skills and dedication. As both finish this year at the top of the World Ranking they deserve the title of "International Shuffler of the Year 2011".



Following is a list of their tournament results:

Torben Hussmann:

Full Name Country Rank Date Tournament Name
Torben Hussmann GER 1 12.03.2011 Wintercup
Torben Hussmann GER 1 31.03.2011 WSL Winter 2010/11
Torben Hussmann GER 5 31.05.2011 SpeedShuffleboard 2011-1
Torben Hussmann GER 4 18.06.2011 Meerbusch Shuffleboard Open
Torben Hussmann GER 2 20.07.2011 Ohio National Open Men's NW Singles
Torben Hussmann USA 5 22.07.2011 Ohio National Open Men's Doubles
Torben Hussmann GER 2 07.08.2011 30th ISA World Championships
Torben Hussmann GER 1 17.09.2011 WSL Summer 2011
Torben Hussmann GER 1 30.09.2011 SpeedShuffleboard 2011-2
Torben Hussmann GER 8 27.11.2011 German Nationals


Sachiyo Takada:

Full Name Country Rank Date Tournament Name
Sachiyo Takada JPN 1 05.02.2011 Kosai Cup
Sachiyo Takada JPN 1 14.05.2011 Elsie Cup
Sachiyo Takada JPN 3 07.08.2011 30th ISA World Championships
Sachiyo Takada JPN 1 09.10.2011 Tagawa Cup