The very first season of the World Shuffleboard League (WSL) is about to enter its final phase, the Play Offs.
Thursday, March 17 will be the last day to perform another regular game for the Winter season 2010/11. Following that date the Play Offs will take place with the top 4 teams playing for the title of “Club World Champions of Shuffleboard – Winter 2010/11.”
That date will also be decisive for each individual to be awarded points for the World Ranking.
In both cases, teams and individuals need to have played at least 6 times in order to be ranked at the top.
Currently only the team “Zephyrhills SBC#1” has reached the 6 games minimum mark. Others are close, but need to perform once more. The same applies to the Top 20 individuals. Chuck Moulton and Earl Ball currently have sufficient games to be awarded points.
Details on the schedule:
March 18 – March 24 Semifinals
March 25 – March 31 Finals
April 1 – Start of the new season – Summer 2011
And not to forget: one team, to be drawn by lot from all teams in the league (performed by the WSL Board) shall be selected to get back its seasonal fees (except the registration fee.)