altTorben Hussmann from Langenselbold has earned the most national tournament points in the Shuffleboard year 2010 in Germany and has therefore become the “Shuffler Of The Year” in Germany.
He earned 61,5 points and was ahead of Adrian Gepel and Dieter Hussmann  who both earned 51 points to share 2nd place.
Philipp Schlögl, Marius Runge and Marcel Hinkel finished on places 4 to 6. The players that were part of the United Nations Youth Teams during the ISA tournament in Germany this year proved once again their outstanding Shuffleboard skills.
It is the third consecutive year that Torben wins this title. Together with winning his first German National Championship it is obvious that he has become the best German Shuffler.
If you would like to meet him personally, travel to Lakeside, Ohio during the last two weeks of July 2011. Torben and his friend Philipp Schlögl will be working at the beautiful Shuffleboard area of Lakeside. Both will help preparing the courts and instructing new players. This was made possible by Lakeside’s summer residents Rich and Marilynn Phifer, who have represented the US in Germany 2010. They will look after the students during their stay and make sure they have a great time.
If you want to challenge the young gentlemen and find out about their skills, make sure you sign up to represent your country during the next ISA tournament in Dieppe 2011. Torben and Philipp will represent Germany during the World Singles Championship.