Earl BallWelcome to everyone, worldwide!

I would like to start by saying thank you to Dieter for being persistent in his pursuit of an International website for Shuffleboard.  We all knew we needed to do something and the Board finally gave approval to go ahead.  Thank you to our webmaster, Olli, who is going to make it all a reality.  All of us will also need to do our part by playing in the new World Shuffleboard League because that money will be used to finance the website.

The World Shuffleboard League is an exciting new feature that gives all of us a chance to compete against others from around the world year around; it gives us a way to stay in contact and to have interest in what each other is doing even if we can not be together.  You will continue to hear more about this as we go along as well as the new World Ranking system.  Yes you will each, actually, have a ranked position in the world of Shuffleboard.

As we go along the next couple of months I will try to give you a feel for where we have been, where we are today and where I see us going in the future before I turn the President’s job over to Michael Zellner the first of January.

Good Shuffling, Good Luck and we will be talking.

Earl Ball